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Saturday, 14 March 2009

SPOTIF... huh?

Imagine my surprise hearing a disgustingly American music advert for a band called THE SCRIPT (as awful as you might think) sandwiched between 'Sweet Adeline' and 'Tomorrow Tomorrow' from the XO album by Elliott Smith! Imagine it! I almost papped my kecks out rotten. Terrifying and unnecessary. What does everyone think of Spotify? I can only find half of the stuff I want to hear and the rest of the stuff I want to hear is sitting in my music folder anyway. But, for playlist purposes, this is quite annoying. Can you mix early Sebadoh and Rocket From The Crypt with The Shangri-Las and Baden Powell? Not really. It's sort of like finding an old mouldy bag of tapes in your loft, plucking ten out at random and trying to make the most kick ass mixtape ever. Sort of. Not really.

Speaking of which, there's an Elliott Smith film playing on Pitchfork.tv this week. I love him and his silly little boo hoo crying songs! LOVE HIM.


  1. this looks suspiciously like a real blog post and not just more LOLZ.

  2. I don't like spotify that much. When people recommend stuff it's easier to go to their myspace...

    As for the stuff I already have. Well, I prefer to own it (or have it in my my music folder as you said).

  3. MOre LulZ sOOn

    I like Spotify. I just don't like adverts or not being able to find anything i want to playlist.

  4. I will say that the entire Sky Larkin album is on Spotify. So that is your LOLZ, Doug!

  5. OH MY GOD BTW yeah, I've seen the adverts for The Script. AND GUESS WHAT! They're Irish! How fucking awful is that!

  6. The Script make me even more ashamed of my home country.