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Tuesday, 7 April 2009


It's been nothing short of a fantastic pleasure touring with two Awesome Pals bands: Favours For Sailors and Dutch Uncles. I'm sure the horrible pictures will turn out 'great', and I'm hoping until I fucking die that the amazing video of Sped 'eating' pasta turns up online, because the world needs to know these things. SOOOO basically, BIG SLAPPY BACK TIME, thanks you guys for touring with us, it was unbelievably fun. And if I never hear from The Wookiee Group or whatever, I'll start my own rap battle.

I'm going to mention this in passing, but I did a remix of Sky Larkin's 'Keepsakes' and it's apparently the b-side of their upcoming single, the fucking awesome 'Antibodies'. I'M PROUD OF MYSELF!

See you when I eventually get home, guys!


  1. i had a fun and i miss those guys

  2. Uh oh! First FFS post! It was great to get to watch you guys 6 times in a row and Dutch Uncles were way hot (Steady Cam!!) Also to be personally abused for being the only Londoner in the room in Edinburgh will live long in my heart.. HOLD MY BAG MATE - HE'S STEALING MY BAG!!

    PS Really Wild Gang betta' watch themz bax and prepare for the microwavable Wookie aatttax